Why Choose Dedicated Hosting

Although shared hosting may seem the attractive choice due to the lower price, shared servers group websites in a single server where the website must share the bandwidth allowed by the host provider. This puts your website at risk to run poorly due to traffic from other websites.
Not only are we dedicated to ensuring your website runs smoothly at all times, we run your website on a dedicated server as well, ensuring your website receives dedicated bandwidth.

Content Delivery Network

You might've heard about this term before or it's abbreviation "CDN". This feature allows your website to be stored across multiple servers, allowing your website to be accessed faster.


We run an intelligent caching system allowing your website to be accessible quicker by returning visitors.

Speed Optimization

Websites run complex codes which takes time for visitors web browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to download. We take those codes and compress them, allowing the data to be transferred faster.


Cyber security threats are at an all time high. Having a firewall is essential to ensuring the website is safe from malicious attacks.

Back ups

Having back ups of your website is essential in ensuring your website is safe from being lost due to unexpected circumstances.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures your customers view your website over a secured connection.

Dedicated Hosting Agent

When you sign up with us, you're assigned a dedicated hosting agent who will be your point of contact.
Not only do we build and maintain servers, we also build and maintain relationships.